Police are investigating a robbery where they say the suspect beat a man to death early Friday morning.

Officials said 31-year-old Simon Morris was arrested in connection with the incident. The victim was said by police to be a man in his mid-30's.

According to an initial report, Morris was robbed by the victim around 8 a.m. Morris then reportedly chased the robber down to the 4200 block of South Claiborne Avenue.

In a report by The New Orleans Advocate, Morris reportedly wrestled his wallet back, then began to beat the man. Court documents say Morris continued to beat the man for at least five minutes while the man begged Morris to stop and attempted to cover his face and body.

Officials said the man was taken to University Medical Center but later died.

Simon now faces a charge of manslaughter.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call the New Orleans Police Department (504) 658-5300.