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Mayor Cantrell relents, says she'll pay back first class travel costs

After repeatedly saying she would not pay back the costs of any business she had done on behalf of the city, Cantrell announced her change of heart Tuesday.

NEW ORLEANS — New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell now says that she will repay the city of New Orleans for her upgraded travel expenses that are in the neighborhood of $30,000.

“I’m moving forward to do that,” Cantrell said at a ground-breaking event Tuesday morning."Based on the policy review of the CAO, as well as the law department, it is very clear that business was done on behalf of the city of New Orleans, however, I will have to reimburse the city for those business expenses."

The move comes after the city attorney recently issued an opinion that said that Cantrell was a city employee and was subject to the regulations of other city employees. Following that, the city’s chief administrative officer, Gilbert Montano said that he would perform his duties and work with the mayor on the repayment.

City policy says that employees should fly on the least expensive flights available and that they would have to repay any costs that exceeded that amount.

Cantrell had repeatedly said that she would not repay the funds, once stating that expenses made doing business for the city of New Orleans would not be paid back to the city of New Orleans.

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