NEW ORLEANS -- The Michoud Assembly Center is on lockdown Thursday night after the NASA facility took more than $1 million in damage from Tuesday’s tornado.

The Michoud Assembly Center will remain closed until at least Sunday, according to officials. There is clearly millions of dollars worth of damage, but NASA is committed to reopening as soon as possible.

“We did have damage to roughly half the buildings that we had out there,” Mike Kynard, the facilities director told us. “Three to four of them had a little more damage.”

The facility’s cameras caught the damage live as the tornado pushed through.

“It looked like it came up Old Gentilly Road a little ways and about the time it got on the far side of the building where the USDA is, it looked like it started to cut across the facility,” Kynard said.

The Agriculture Department National Finance Center is a wreck. There was also significant damage to the site’s main manufacturing building for the space launch system and Orion spacecraft.

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“All of the hardware is safe. None of it’s damaged,” Kynard said. “We did have the roof fall in on some of the hydrogen tanks, but really only some debris fell and it didn’t impact really anything. It just needed to be cleaned up.”

More than 200 cars on the property were also damaged.

“We were very, very lucky with that significant of a tornado to only have five injuries and only really one requiring any significant medical attention,” Kynard said.