NEW ORLEANS — Police officers in New Orleans now have the option to wear a special multi-colored badge for Pride Month.

The New Orleans Police Department announced Friday that it debuted the special badge for officers to wear during the month of June. NOPD Superintendent Shaun Ferguson said that the badges represent the police department's commitment to diversity and working with the community.

"We love, respect and celebrate that diversity, which is also reflected within our own ranks," Ferguson said. "These special badges are a reflection of that love, respect and celebration.”

The announcement touts that the NOPD is one of the only police departments in the country to allow officers to wear special badges for Pride Month. 

The New Orleans EMS also made "First Responder Pride" edition badges available to paramedics earlier this year.

“Utilizing these badges to help convey that support is another example of how the NOPD is leading the way in modern-day policing in America," Ferguson said. 

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