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Orleans Juvenile Court ends use of bail system effective immediately

The court will now only hold juvenile offenders based on if they're a risk

NEW ORLEANS — Juvenile defendants in Orleans Parish will no longer be held on bail.

Orleans Parish Juvenile Court Judges voted to eliminate the practice effective immediately, according to a release from the court. The change comes as part of a larger effort to eliminate polices that base liberty on a person’s wealth rather than their criminal history and potential behavior.

“Moving forward in New Orleans, youth will not be detained when the only impediment to release is indigence,” Chief Judge Candice Anderson said.

According to a statement from the court, the new resolution will provide for: 

1. The release of youth on personal recognizance of parents, unless there is an established likelihood of failure to appear or danger to themselves or others 

2. No cash bail or financial conditions for release 

3. No detention of youth based only upon an inability of the youth or the family to pay a bill 

4. Assurance that conditions of release are directly related to court appearance/failure to appear

Earlier in 2018, Orleans Juvenile Courts phased out the use of electronic monitoring in favor of moving towards “a more holistic and interactive approach.”

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