NEW ORLEANS -- A proposal to change lane configurations on Canal Boulevard and install a safety camera was squashed.

Freddy Yoder with the Lakeview Civic Improvement Assoc. He recently weighed in on a proposal that would have reduced Canal boulevard from two lanes down to one and add a bike lane.

"I think it's a victory in that everybody has spoken and the city has listened to what their objections were," Yoder said. "There is not enough room for the car to park without swinging the door open and ending up with a safety issue."

More than 400 residents emailed and texted the city saying the proposed plan would cause too much congestion. Ultimately, the city decided to nix the idea and install a fixed traffic safety camera.

Canal boulevard will stay the same and for folks like Charles Hemmans that means the parking problems will too.

"I've been concerned about people parking illegally on the servitude for quite some time," Hemmans said.

To avoid parking on Canal Boulevard, many residents have created their own parking pads out of rocks or concrete. Hemmans said he is one of many who want the city to remove parking pads between Canal Boulevard and the sidewalk because they are illegal and block access to utilities.

Col Mark Jernigan with public works said the city is trying to balance what the public wants with what it needs from a public safety standpoint.

"There are utility house connections for water sewer, conduit connections for underground street lights and in some cases high-pressure gas lines," Jernigan said. "Based on the feedback we got, we're going to be working with the property owners who do have paving in the sidewalk area to remove that."

Moving forward, the city will look at other ways to reduce speeding and focus on alley-way maintenance so property owners can move their cars off of busy Canal Boulevard.

"I just hope that in the future the safety issue doesn't become a problem where somebody doesn't end up getting hurt because of the way the configuration is," Yoder said.

To learn more about parking citations, visit the City's parking 101 page, and to learn about upcoming infrastructure improvements, visit www.