NEW ORLEANS -- All week long, a group of protesters have set up outside Manchu Food Store on North Dorgenois. They say the store owner is responsible for a fatal stabbing outside the store last week, but the owner says the protesters are the violent ones.

"I think it's first of all a tragedy because someone lost their life and it's a double tragedy because you now have a mentally ill person in jail for murder and there's a culpable owner of the store who came outside the store and told him to get him," Timothy Washington, one of the protesters, said.

Police arrested 49-year-old Kelvin Boykins for stabbing a 53-year-old man to death outside the store.

BACKGROUND: Witnesses say man killed outside Manchu Food Store over six pack of beer

Part of that altercation was captured on the store's security cameras. The store owner says a man came into the store on Aug. 26 and stole a six pack of beer.

"He came in here, took the six pack here, he went out," Tau Pham explained.

Residents believe the owner told Boykins to kill the man who stole from her, but the owner says that's not true.

"Over there they fight and I didn't know he killed him," Pham said .

Police investigated the stabbing and charged Boykins with murder, but the protests have continued for days.

"We want this out of our neighborhood," Byon Cole said.

While the protesters have the same goal in mind, tensions still flared outside the store. Police were called out, a few protesters still continued to march and the family watched from inside, worried their customers will never come back.