For two weeks now, people from the Carrollton area have complained to Eyewitness News about their internet and phone service being out.

Neighbors were getting different explanations as to why and how fast the problem would be fixed.

The answer we got shocked some of the neighbors.

We've been in touch with AT&T for two days looking for answers, but we never thought the problem would lead us to the Sewerage and Water Board and a smelly manhole on Carrollton Avenue and Nelson Street.

"All of my media is cut off so that's why I'm living at coffee houses," said Robin Cilluffa.

As a student in an artisan jewelry making program, Cilluffa needs internet service for research and ordering supplies. Phone calls to AT&T customer service promised a technician would come fix it.

"Both times no one showed up. One time it was cancelled and the other time, after rearranging my day around this visit, I didn't even, no one even bothered to cancel," said Cilluffa.

The same thing happened to Stacie Toups.

"I've spent probably nine hours on the phone with them," Toups said about customer service and scheduling appointments for a technician, who she says never came.

After being told it was isolated, or a cable was cut, or fiber optics were being replaced, they noticed on the neighborhood Nextdoor website, they were not alone.

"I see that so many people are out and have been for so long. I'm reading 51 comments and I'm going, 'Oh crap, we're not the only ones,'" said Toups.

"'I'm only a week into my month on my cell phone plan, and have already burned through the entire data allowance, plus been charged for $30 for two additional gigabytes,'" Cilluffa reads from the neighborhood posts.

Along with that post, comments included: no internet, Wi-Fi, no home phone service, security systems compromised, home businesses taking a hit, and most seriously, the elderly saying their medical emergency alert systems won't work.

AT&T sent this statement: "Efforts to repair damaged cables have been delayed due to sewage runoff that is making the area hazardous. Once the Sewage {SIC} and Water Board clears out the area we can begin fixing the cables and restore service as quickly and as safely as possible."

Word about this story even got back to Councilman Joe Giarrusso from AT&T. He came to see what was going on as well in his district.

Neighbors were stunned when they learned the real cause.

"That is absolutely insane," said Toups.

"Ahhh, I haven't heard about that," said Cilluffa.

We talked by phone to a spokesman for the Sewerage and Water Board about the problem who said they are investigating the matter in total and in the meantime AT&T is able to work to fix the problem.