NEW ORLEANS -- The most vocal group supporting the removal of Confederate monuments in New Orleans doesn't want to stop now.

Take 'Em Down NOLA held a press conference today where the Jefferson Davis monument once stood to call on city leaders to continue the removal of what they deemed "white supremacist" monuments from the city.

"Were issuing an invitation to the mayor to finish the job," Take 'Em Down NOLA president Malcolm Suber said. "If his convictions are that this was a nightmarish existence for black people, under slavery and Jim Crow, then he would join Take 'Em Down NOLA to say that all of these statues to the Confederacy and white supremacy should come down."

Suber called for streets such as General Ogden and Jefferson Davis Parkway to be renamed and the monument to President Andrew Jackson, though unassociated with the Confederacy, to come down. He also asked the mayor to consider hosting a series of town hall meetings to decide what should replace the already removed monuments.

Take 'Em Down NOLA did not give a timeline, but hopes Mayor Mitch Landrieu will help make these changes before he leaves office.

Suber and Take 'Em Down NOLA were met with a crowd of protesters, many who were present when the Jefferson Davis statue was removed weeks ago.

Eyewitness News is on the scene and will continue to update this story as it develops.