Darren west is confused, upset and disappointed after learning that the man accused of killing his cousin was released from jail early.

"No one could really believe it," West said. "It was just crazy to everybody."

Donnell Brown was arrested on a second-degree murder charge and attempted second-degree murder in a deadly double shooting on Mother's Day. Herbert foster was killed. A 15-year-old girl was injured.

West says his family wasn't notified about Brown’s release. They found out by looking up the information themselves then spreading the word in a group text saying, "that dude got out last week."

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"We can't keep using this word mistake,” West said. “Looking at that particular name, looking at that document number, looking at that case number, you know who you're releasing and that's just plain and simple.”

In most cases, the district attorney has 60 days to charge a suspect, but in serious felony cases like this one, the DA has 120 days. Brown was released from jail after 62.

District attorney Leon Cannizzaro blames Orleans Parish Magistrate Commissioner Jonathan Friedman.

"This is the same commissioner who recently granted illegal recognizance bonds to free the two disgraced rookie NOPD officers who assaulted a patron of the Mid-City Yacht Club," Cannizzaro said. "Now, he has more severely jeopardized public safety and potentially put murder witnesses in harm's way by illegally opening the cell of an accused killer."

A new warrant for Brown's arrest was granted, and officials said U.S. Marshals and the police department's Violent Offenders Warrant Squad are looking for Brown.

Foster's family just wants the suspect back behind bars.

"I mean, just do justice, get the guy," West said. "I don't want to talk negatively of them, but they're just not doing their job."