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'Time to lend the support' NOPD, Cantrell address crimefighting tactics in NOLA

Mayor LaToya Cantrell fully supports the NOPD and seemed to take aim at folks criticizing the department.

NEW ORLEANS — New Orleans Police Chief Shaun Ferguson says his plan to combat violent crime in the city, is the plan already in place.  

“Every day our officers go out on these streets with a mission, with a plan in place, and every day they’re facing a new challenge,” said Ferguson. 

Ferguson says those challenges mean real-time changes to plans. Ferguson defends his department’s ability to fight crime even with low staffing. 

“The commitment, the dedication of the men and women of the New Orleans Police department is there and it has not waivered and it will not waiver,” said Ferguson. 

He gave no specifics, but Ferguson says he plans to expand the violent crime abatement investigation team, create proactive community patrols, and add resources to the data analytics unit. He’s even considering 12-hour patrol shifts and asking the city council to allow his department to use surveillance tactics like tracking and facial recognition.  

“Technology is needed to solve these crimes and hold and to hold individuals accountable for their actions,” said Ferguson. 

Two weeks ago Ferguson was questioned by the city council, even called out earlier this week for not laying out a plan. Council Vice President, JP Morrell, even questioned leadership.  

“We have a department that is seemingly incapable through bad leadership of actually addressing these problems,” said Morrell. 

Mayor LaToya Cantrell fully supports the NOPD and seemed to take aim at folks criticizing the department.   

“Now is not the time to demonstrate a lack of support for our police officers. Now is the time to lend the support needed,” said Cantrell. 

Thursday the city council is set to release a list of findings and short-term action items relating to deficiencies in the criminal justice system.   

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