NEW ORLEANS -- On Saturday the polls will open across Louisiana for the state's presidential primary. Candidates from both parties are fighting for local votes. That includes Donald Trump who came to New Orleans Friday evening with his no holds barred campaign.

To the sound of the familiar “Who Dat” chant often heard at Saints games, Donald Trump took the stage at the Lakefront Airport. It took no time for him to go on the offensive as he read results of a new poll."Trump, 49 percent; Little Marco Rubio, 16 percent; Lying Ted Cruz, 15 percent,” said Trump to a crowd of hundreds that gathered inside of a hangar at Landmark Aviation.

Political attacks aside, Trump is similar to the other candidates in that he needs votes and the delegates that come along with them in the state.

Trump is the Republican front-runner at the moment with 319 delegates. Ted Cruz is second with 226, and Marco Rubio comes in third with 110. There are 46 republican delegates up for grabs in Louisiana's primary.

Trump implored his supporters to vote at all costs on Saturday.

"No matter how you feel, if you feel so sick, if your doctor says you're not going to make it throughout the day you're going to be dead in four hours, that doesn't matter, go out and vote,” said Trump.

On several occasions Friday night, Trump veered from his stump speech. He encouraged security guards as they removed protesters from the rally. With each removal, the crowd cheered loudly.

“These are stupid people,” Trump said of the protesters.

When the dust settled, Trump got back on his message of “making America great again,” which could be seen on countless posters. It’s a message resonating with backers like Shelia Guidry from Opelousas.

"He is bringing in other people from different walks of life, and that's really important. I think this is going to be a paradigm shift," said Guidry.