NEW ORLEANS -- Tulane University is at the top of one of the most illustrious lists in academia: Best Party Schools.

That's not all they're known for though. According to the Princeton Review's ranking of Best College's for 2018, Tulane is also the best school for community service and is hosted by the best college city.

Tulane University ranks as the No. 1 "Party School," No. 1 "Most Engaged in Community Service" and New Orleans ranks as the No. 1 "College City that gets High Marks."

Loyola University of New Orleans didn't earn any top marks, but did come in at No. 5 for "Best College Newspaper," No. 11 for "Lots of Race/Class Interaction" and No. 12 for "Town-Gown Relations are Great."

UL-Lafayette received nods for their graduates that stay in the community and their conservative politics. The Ragin' Cajuns ranked in at No. 8 in the "Election? What Election?" category, No. 14 in the "Most Conservative Students" category and #11 in the "Town-Gown Relations are Great" category.

LSU and UNO didn't make the top 25 in any given category, but both were mentioned in "Best Southeastern" schools list and LSU got an additional nod as one of the "Best Green Colleges."

For more rankings, visit The Princeton Review's website.