NEW ORLEANS – Rescue workers have found the body of Frank Williams, who dove into Lake Pontchartain to save two men after their car went into the water, according to sources.

Those sources say Williams body was found in the lake Wednesday afternoon. NOPD confirmed that they did recover a body in the area, but did not identify it.

Williams dove into Lake Pontchartrain around 7 p.m. Tuesday night after two men that were parked at the Blue Crab restaurant drove into the lake. Witnesses say Williams works at the restaurant.

Both men inside the car were rescued. One of them died at the hospital, the ot her remains in the hospital in critical condition.

Workers of the restaurant say two men were causing a disturbance inside the restaurant and were asked to leave. Shortly after, the car the two entered went into the water near the restaurant's parking lot.

Frank’s son, Frankie Clark, said his father is a hero for trying to help save the two men.

"I know he didn't hesitate to jump in the water and help another human being. That's supposed to be normal. You see a person who needs help, you help them. That's how we should live; trying to help each other."

Now, Frankie has to have a tough conversation with his children.

"He was in love with his grandchildren. Three grandkids, 12, 6 and 2. I gotta break the news to them,” he said.

The entire family is left heartbroken. Frank’s two brothers were by the lake last night where the incident occurred and said they could not leave, so they slept in Frank’s white pick-up truck.

"I can't put it into words. I’m not upset I'm not mad at him. He did the right thing, he did the right thing,” Frankie Clark said.