NEW ORLEANS - Thursday's massive sinkhole turned into Friday's major repair job, as repair crew members used ladders to reach the bottom of a chasm big enough to swallow a Sewerage and Water Board truck whole.

"Oh I was shocked. When I left it was just a little bit of a spout coming through the road," said Mary Beth Proctor of Stanton, Virginia, who is staying with friends while visiting Jazz Fest.

"It's inconvenience, nobody could use the bathroom or have access to water," added Robinson Lumber Company owner Sam Robinson.

At Robinson Lumber Company, they sent before and after pictures, of the leak that became a crevasse within hours.

"We called the Sewerage & Water Board, and we called about four times, because the water kept getting stronger, the water flow," Robinson said.

High pressure water from the broken twelve inch wide main dug the hole, and damaged sewage and drainage pipes.

"I woke up to go to work, and i just kind of saw this rapid river flowing outside of my window," said neighbor Kaci Thomassie.

"It scares me," added Proctor. "I think it's very dangerous. I was scared when we went to bed last night were we going to sink in?"

"Sinkholes are not covered, so if our building started to fall into this thing, it would be a real problem," noted Robinson.

The Sewerage and water Board is in the midst of a major campaign to replace the city's aging underground pipes. As you know, your water bills have been going up. Sam Robinson got to look into this hole, and see the reason why.

"It does certainly give you a new perspective," Robinson said.

Executive Director Cedric Grant said this sinkhole was declared an emergency, adding repair crews rush from leak to leak, fixing 3100 last year, more than 400 this year. It's why they have the $124 million pipe replacement program. As soon as the broken water main is repaired, crews plan to fill in the hole.