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Was that a shotgun home rolling through New Orleans on Wednesday?

The 124-year-old home is moving to make way for Leidenheimer Baking Co. to expand, and it will get a second life as a home for a new family

NEW ORLEANS — A little shotgun single has been at 2228 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. in Central City since 1895.

Now, after 124 years in the same place, the house is getting a new home.

The home sits behind the Leidenheimer Baking Co. When the bakery decided to enlarge its plant, it didn’t want to tear down the home.

The logical option? Move it across town, of course.

When all the work’s said and done, the house will sit on a new foundation at 2200 Almonaster Ave. in the St. Roch neighborhood, thanks to the efforts of the Preservation Resource Center which helped with the project.

It’s a slow process to move a home, and neighbors came out to check it out.

Recent rains didn’t do any favors for the crew from Davie Shoring, nor did the tight spot where the home sat.

After two hours, the house was off the lot and on the road, but not before the back wall fell off when branches from trees on the neutral ground grabbed at it.

The four-room home has a unique design with separate entrances along the side. It was probably built to house workers.

Now, Thrive New Orleans, a nonprofit dedicated to creating affordable housing, plans to rehab the home and sell it to a working-class family.

“First responders, nurses, teachers. those are the folks we're going to target being in our community,” said Chuck Morse, director of Thrive New Orleans.

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