NEW ORLEANS - A 43-year-old mother of three was gunned down inside of a car in Central City Tuesday morning.

The victim, identified as Sabrina Watson, was in the driver's seat of her white Hyundai Santa Fe, at the intersection of Willow and Josephine. She was hit several times and pronounced dead on the scene.

"She did not deserve to die like this," said Shelita Risin, a friend of the victim. "I can't speak for everybody else, but I'm tired of the violence."

This is not the first time that a fatal shooting has occurred in the area, and Reginald Landry, who pastors a church a block away, said the area is saturated with illegal selling of drugs. He said he is pushing for more police presence.

"i understand the shortage of the police officers," Landry said. "i understand the problem but, we have a bigger problem in this area and it's consistent and if they could just find time to me, I could be wrong, just to ride by, just to let them know we're in the area and we're out here because we want to make sure that the people in the community are safe."

Police said that as of mid-day, they did not know who shot Watson or why.