NEW ORLEANS -- Last week, Eyewitness News told viewers about coyote activity in Lakeview after residents found a dismembered cat in a yard. Now, video captured a coyote out on the prowl in the same neighborhood.

NOPD Officer James Young shot the video around 4:30 Monday morning, showing a coyote running down Robert E Lee Blvd. by Marshel Foch. The video is giving residents even more reason to be on the lookout.

"I'm going to be more careful about the dogs being free at night,” resident Michael Sichel said. "It's concerning for sure, a coyote in the area is really not good for any small pet or animal."

Kelly Callia lives nearby on Robert E. Lee and while she was surprised to see the video, she had her own encounter with a coyote a few months ago. She saw what she thought was a lost dog wandering along the side of the road outside her house.

"We were actually throwing it some lunch meat trying to get the dog, what we thought was a dog, to come to the car," Callia said.

It was actually a coyote.

"It's kinda crazy to think that in our residential neighborhood there are wild animals walking around,” Callia said.

The LA SPCA says to make sure you don't have any food lying around that could attract coyotes. And keep an eye on your pets.