NEW ORLEANS – A guard at the New Orleans jail was arrested after allegedly admitting to smuggling drugs and tobacco to inmates, according to The New Orleans Advocate.

Sheriff’s office investigators received a tip that that 36-year-old Orleans Parish deputy Royanne Davis brought in contraband to the jail earlier this month, court records indicate.

During questioning, Davis confessed to bringing tobacco, pills and marijuana to three different inmates on five occasions. One of the inmates, 31-year-old Kendrick Smothers, paid Davis $300 in exchange for a tobacco pack with marijuana and pills. She also brought tobacco products to 25-year-old inmate Andre Francis and a tobacco pack with marijuana and pills to inmate 25-year-old Shateek Howard.

Davis was arrested on six counts of suspicion of introducing contraband to a penal institution and malfeasance in office. She was ordered to be released from custody Friday afternoon by an Orleans Parish Criminal Magistrate Judge on a $6,000 recognizance bond.

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