NEW ORLEANS – Following the initial shock of the Saints loss to the Vikings in the playoffs on Sunday, fans are feeling a bit blue.

One fan threw his television off of his balcony, while others turned to comfort food.

"We played our heart out. It was a really, really, really slow start,” fan Dana Broussard Labat said.

After the game she knew she had to start her Monday morning off with good food.

"I got some tea, and fruit, and now I'm relaxed,” Labat said.

Other fans who went to the Bywater Bakery did the same thing.

"I saw what happened and still not over it, and won't be over it for a while,” one man said.

It seems pretty clear that fans are still reeling from the loss and feelings could linger, leading some to question if sports depression is real.

"It is a real thing. You're with the Saints a whole season, you're so excited for them, you get so close to that win at the end, that you feel it, you feel the excitement and then man, what a disappointment,”

LSU Clinical Health Psychologist Michelle Moore recommends getting out and talking to friends. Maybe even having a slice of King Cake to get into the Carnival spirit. However, she says watch too much comfort foods.

"If you're eating too much sugary, fatty foods, you're going to feel slower, then you're going to feel sluggish," Moore said.

Which she says could lead to more feelings of depression.

"I know another great idea. If you read any of the posts by Steve Gleason a former Saints player himself. He's a really positive guy, looking at the positives that come from this game,” she said.

Moore said at the end of the day, fans should not forget to recognize the good.

"Also realize they made it to the playoffs so that's a pretty awesome thing,” she said.

On a brighter note, the Saints could have a better run next year, the 2018 NFL kickoff starts September 6th.