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Saints home opener brings an economic boost to New Orleans

As Saints and Buccaneers fans flock to the city, their spending is reviving the economy of New Orleans.

NEW ORLEANS — Thousands visit New Orleans during football season. With Sunday being the Saints' first home game, it brings an economic boost to the city. As Saints and Buccaneers fans flock to the city, their spending is reviving New Orleans.

With football season comes fans, and dollars. Marv Ammari from Creole Cuisine Restaurant Concepts said after COVID-19, football season is making a significant impact on business.

“Business is back, the city has got some challenges today… but have to have hope," Ammari said.

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“Tourists are back, the city is open, Saints are playing, Pelicans are playing, LSU is back and we are moving forward.”

Mark Romig from New Orleans and Company said this city is made to host.

While tourism and dollar amounts are not in yet from the weekend, he says it's all needed after two years in a pandemic.

“The bars and restaurants that open their doors to come in and watch the game, it is a wonderful opportunity for them because that’s cash flow for them," Romig said. “This is really a good weekend for the hotels, for the restaurants, for the attractions and really for the jobs attached to all of that, and that’s important to keep the economic activity happening as we come out of COVID and start rebuilding the economy, weekends like this are so important.”

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Saints fans agree.

"When everybody is out, everybody is at the bars, everybody is enjoying the life outside, our city is full of people who need that tourism and it’s the hospitality industry, so when it’s a game like this, everybody makes a little money," Rene Rivera said.

"Situations like this bring a bright spot to the city and shows that we are a great city to be a part of," Brian Willis said.

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