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Sea turtle gives unique view of Aquarium of the Americas exhibit

Mydas - Green Sea Turtle Gulf of Mexico Exhibit. Audubon Aquarium of the Americas, a facility of Audubon Nature Institute. New Orleans, LA.Photo by Jeff Strout.

NEW ORLEANS – As part of the celebration of World Sea Turtle Day, one of the Aquarium of Americas residents gave a unique perspective of what it’s like living in 400,000 gallons.

“King Mydas is our resident green sea turtle,” Tom Dyer, senior aviculturist for the aquarium said in a video provided by Audubon Institute. “What we wanted to do was film part of his day, from his perspective.”

Dyer explained a mesh harness fastened together with Velcro was used to hold a GoPro camera to the turtle.

“He didn’t seem uncomfortable at all with it, and we were able to get some amazing footage,” Dyer explained.

King Mydas lives in the Gulf of Mexico exhibit, the last exhibit most people see before leaving the aquarium. He is neighbors with sharks, sting rays, and various schools of fish.

Green seas turtles like King Mydas are endangered, and Audubon hopes the footage will help bring awareness and celebrate the animals.

Aside from being a species millions of years old, turtles also help keep nature in balance.

“For example, leatherback and hawkbill sea turtles help keep populations of jellyfish and sponges in check while green sea turtles like Mydas eat sea grass,” said a release from Audubon Institute. “Without sea turtles, grass beds would grow into tall blades that would hamper breeding and development of many kinds of marine life.”