NEW ORLEANS - The Coast Guard began searching again Tuesday for two crew members who were aboard a tugboat that sank in the Mississippi. The incident happened Monday morning in the area between river mile marker 89 and 90.5.

On the Westbank, all eyes were on the Mississippi, as rescue crews looked for the tugboat.

"I grew up in this area and haven't heard anything like that," said James Lapeyre. "The tugboats are very proficient on the river and I'm not aware of one capsizing."

The search began around 9:45 a.m. when the New Orleans Coast Guard says the vessel, named Natalie Jean, hit an anchored ship and capsized. Three people were believed to be aboard. One was rescued and two others are unaccounted for as of Monday night.

"This morning, I saw a lot of fire trucks coming and they were all parked along here," said Joy Hays pointing to the levee. "So I went up on the levee and asked what was going on and they said a tug boat had gone down."

"We're fairly new to the area, but never have encountered anything like this," said Vanessa Levy.

Crews have been on the lookout since. For most of the day, a Coast Guard helicopter patrolled the river from above. Officials also searched from the water, even closing part of the Mississippi Monday afternoon.

"I'm hoping they're okay," said Hays. "But if they can't find the tugboat then that's not too good, so lets hope."

Residents though fear the river's swift current and water levels aren't helping.

"I can't imagine being in that water right now," said Lapeyre. "It'd be terrifying. It's very, very fast and very, very high."

As search efforts go into Tuesday, people are fearing the worst but hoping for the best.

"It's a tragic event for anybody," said Levy.

"I think everybody that lives here feels a kinship with all the people who work on the water and we just hope the best for them," said Lapeyre.