Two women are speaking out after cell phone video from Bourbon Street Friday night shows a bachelorette party gone wrong.

A group of women from Houston went out in the French Quarter for a fun time but ended in a scuffle with a security guard.

Samantha Rice said it all started when she put her head down at the bar.

“The bartender came up to me and started cursing at me and said I couldn't sit there,” Rice explained.

Rice said she knocked over a stack of plastic cups and tried to leave, but that's when the security guard grabbed and pinned her in the corner.

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“He yanked me into the bar and pinned me against it,” she said. “I asked him to loosen his grip because he was hurting me really bad.”

Her friend Lacey Faulkner jumped in to help and that's when she was hit several times.

“I think he hit me about three or four times,” Faulkner said. “My jaw is sore. He hit me in the back of my head. I was under the bar stools and he was just hitting on me.”

He didn't stop there. The bride-to-be exchanged words with the guard and he then punches her to the ground. The ordeal left Rice with bruises all over both her arms.

“He was just too rough with her in my opinion and we were just asking him to stop,” Faulker explained.

Reginald Rowe, a former New Orleans Police Department officer, now runs his own security firm. He said proper training could have given this situation a much better outcome.

“This entire situation could have been handled totally different if he had been thinking as this was going on,” Rowe said. “It is important to be able to know how to de-escalate situations especially when someone is inebriated. I don't understand why he took it so high.”

In the video, a New Orleans police officer is spotted arriving at the scene. WWL-TV reached out to the NOPD for an update on the case but has not received one.