NEW ORLEANS - The NOPD is seeking the public's help in identifying three people who have been caught on surveillance camera lifting bars of Dove soap from a local drug store.

The incidents have occurred on April 10 and May 10 at the Walgreen's pharmacy in the 4200 block of Chef Menteur.

On April 10, just after 3 p.m., police said a suspect entered the store and walked to the soap aisle where he grabbed several packs of Dove soap from the shelf and walked out.

On April 10, just after noon, police said a man and woman did the same thing, before fleeing in an unknown vehicle. Police said those two had been suspected of stealing from the store before.

So, why Dove soap, you might ask? Several web sites say soap and cigarettes, along with clothes washing detergent like Tide are sought after items that can easily be sold for cash.