NEW ORLEANS -- A new sinkhole has formed in the middle of a Mid-City street.

It’s the third sinkhole to open up this week. As the City of New Orleans tries to figure out how to fix that large sinkhole on Canal Street, a homeowner near bayou St. John said he's got a sinking situation in front of his house.

It’s in the 800 block of Taft Place. The homeowner, David Lagarde, said last week this particular part of the street started cracking. Over the span of six days he said the cracks steadily gave way, and a sinkhole developed. He called the Sewerage and Water Board and said workers have just patched the problem, not fix it, and adds the street is in bad shape.

"If you took a car and you went on block on Taft you'd feel like you were on a little skiff or something on rough seas, that's how bad the holes are,” Lagarde said.

A spokesperson for the Sewerage and Water Board said this evening that the hole is a result of a broken sewer line. The spokesperson added crews will repair the hole in the morning.

The statement S&WB sent WWL-TV is as follows:

“Sewerage & Water Board of New Orleans is in the midst of a $124 million dollar waterline replacement program. We worked on 3,171 waterlines in 2015 and 428 so far this year. We are repairing and replacing lines all the time. Most of that work goes unnoticed.

However, as we have stated time and time again, our system is leaking 40 percent of its water into the ground and we are handling sewer and drainage line breaks as well. A sudden torrential rainfall could cause complications that allow a sinkhole to develop.

That’s what happened Friday on Constantinople and today on Taft Place. Similar situations occurred in other parts of town as well. It’s always challenging working with water.

Water main breaks and sewer issues are emergencies that we respond to as quickly as possible so that we can restore critical services to our customers.” - Cedric S. Grant, Executive Director, Sewerage & Water Board of New Orleans