Mayor Landrieu said New Orleans had no reports of damages in the city and all flood gates will be back open on Sunday.

However, there are still areas of standing water, particularly in the Venetian Isles.

Some spots in the area measured more than three feet underwater and the water line can be seen. Portions of the highway were closed off until Sunday afternoon.

Neighbors say they had a mandatory evacuation for Hurricane Nate but many still decided to ride out the storm.

“It never used to be this bad until Hurricane Katrina came. With the loss of the wetlands, and the MRGO, we’re just gonna get deep water every time,” Resident Robby Knecht said.

He says older parts of his neighborhood got more than one and a half feet in some areas while others received about three feet.

“We anticipated it to be a lot higher from what they were saying. Anywhere from three to eight feet of storm surge,” he said.

But the water was held off from front door steps.

“One of my sons came home at 3 o’clock in the morning. He said it was deeper than a foot. He walked about three blocks from the bridge to come home. Those are just some of the things you have to do when you live out here,” Knecht, said.

Hurricane Issac in 2012 brought nearly 6 feet of water into Knecht’s home.

He said the family the family stayed inside during the mandatory evacuation and other neighbors stayed in nearby boats on the bayou.

“I’m always worried about inconvenience, but I’m much more worried about life safety issues. I think we made the right decisions at the right time,” Landrieu said.

Homeowners who did pack up and leave trickled back on Sunday morning to find their homes untouched.

“I’m probably gonna have a few beers and relax…maybe watch the game!” Knecht said.