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Path of Destruction: Rare tornadoes claim a life, destroy hundreds of homes

Two EF-2 tornadoes slammed into homes in St. Charles, Jefferson, Orleans and St. Bernard, rattling nerves, destroying homes and claiming one life.

WWL Staff

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Published: 6:19 PM CST December 17, 2022
Updated: 6:01 PM CST December 31, 2022

December 14, 2022, like many other dates in southeast Louisiana, will be remembered for quite some time thanks to a severe weather outbreak. Multiple tornadoes ripped across the area with two of the strongest ones on the southshore – an EF-2 that ripped through St. Charles Parish and took the life of Alison Alexander. A second one, an EF-2 as well, tore through the west bank and then over towards Arabi, causing extensive structural damage, some injuries and fortunately, no loss of life.

Southeast Louisiana is used to hurricanes. As devastating as they are, they normally come with a lot of advance notice. Tornadoes form in a moment's time and travel in indiscriminate ways. 

WWL-TV’s reporters fanned out to each of the hardest hit locations to document the problems that people encountered.

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