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The Who Dat Nation is rocking around some creative Saints Christmas trees

Who 'dat says they're going to beat these Christmas decorations?

(NEW ORLEANS) — Big trees, little trees, flocked trees; who ‘dat say it’s not a Saints Christmas?

In honor of a great season so far, Saints fans are decking their homes and businesses with black and gold.

And the Who Dat Nation is expressing its joy by rocking around some creative Christmas trees.

At the LSU School of Dentistry, dean Henry Gremillion said the best way to celebrate Christmas is in Saints fashion.

“It's part of our culture, it's not slighting Christmas, it's a way to celebrate Christmas decorated in a Saints fashion," Gremillion said.

With the Saints close to finishing out a new-perfect season, there’s a lot to be merry about.

“I don't want to jinx us, but I think everybody has a good feeling this year and there's something to be proud of," one fan said.

Kim Schulze at the Plant Gallery in New Orleans said demand has been high for New Orleans decorations.

“We had a customer a week ago who bought a Saints tree already decorated ready to take with them," Schulze said.

Some fans have been taking it a step further with black Christmas trees, which Rock-n-Soil has been selling plenty of.

No matter what size, kind, or color the decorations, fans believe in a magical team during this magical time of year.

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