NEW ORLEANS -- You read right. It's back, but smaller, and for a limited time.

Everyone's favorite "almond flavored ice cream with cake pieces and amaretto flavored cream cheese icing" is back but in pints only.

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Last month, half-gallon supplies of the limited-run flavor ran out after less than two months. Louisiana has a strong affection for the flavor, and runs of the ice cream have been diverted from other markets just to feed New Orleanians' hunger.

“Blue Bell has directed all final production runs of Bride’s Cake to Louisiana," said a statement from the company. "We no longer have half gallons available, but were able to produce a limited amount of pints. We are aware of the popularity of Bride’s Cake, and are hopeful to produce more in the future to keep this marriage happy and have our consumers walking happily down the ice cream aisle, again.”

Officials said this run is very limited, so if you see it on shelves, grab it while you can!