Two men were caught selling “fake televisions” filled with rocks outside a gas station in Slidell, according to police.

Officers were dispatched to the Shell Gas Station at 1610 Gause Boulevard Sunday afternoon to investigate. According to police, two men were seen loading what appeared to be four flat-screen TVs into the back of a vehicle. Those televisions turned out to be empty plastic shells filled with rocks to make them seem legitimate.

According to police, the two men, 47-year-old Clover Sims and 44-year-old Lloyd Bradley, had sold the fake televisions to an unidentified victim for $280 after approaching him at the gas station.

Sims and Bradley were both arrested and booked with Theft by Fraud. Police believe the two men, who are both from Gulfport, MS, have run this scam at multiple locations around Slidell.

“Most of the time when someone approaches you in a parking lot trying to sell electronics, either it’s stolen or it’s a scam. Sometimes, it could be a set up for a robbery,” Chief Randy Fandal said. “If you are ever approached with a scam like this, politely walk away and call police. Nine times out of ten, there’s going to be something more to it.”