As millions across the country suffer through what the Center for Disease Control is now calling the worst flu epidemic in almost 10 years, many people turn to readily available medication.

That leads to a debate we set out to verify.

Are Tamiflu and Theraflu equal?

According to Dr. Joshua Parker at ExpressER in Waco, they are not.

"Tamiflu was created to shorten the duration of the flu virus," Parker said.

In 2009, the Rhode Island Department of Health released a statement stating in part, "Theraflu does nothing to lessen the severity or shorten the duration of flu-related illness."

But, Dr. Parker said it can help someone with symptoms feel slightly better.

"It basically takes the edge off, is what I tell my patients," Parker said.

But, as Tamiflu can have adverse side-effects, Parker said the CDC has strict guidelines on Tamiflu prescriptions.


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