It’s been more than a month since the St. Roch crime spree and the victims are still reeling. The final victim of that shooting spree, Manny Caesar, remains in the hospital.

Back on April 22nd, Manny had just finished up his shift at the Ruby Slipper. He was driving home with his girlfriend, friend and one-year-old daughter when they stumbled into the middle of a random crime spree that spread across the city.

“We made a left on Kerlerec Street, it happened that fast,” girlfriend Carla Allen remembered. “As soon as we turned left we got shot through the window.” Police say that shooter is 25-year-old Charles Williams, who law enforcement also accuse of shooting four others, killing one. Manny was shot in the face.

“I had to sit on top of him and hold his blood,” Allen said. “I was covered, drenched in blood. I was like ‘stay with me’ the entire time we were on our way here (to the hospital) and I saw him fight. He tried to doze but he wouldn't give up."

More than a month later, his fight continues. Manny remains in the hospital. He has a tear in his vertebrae and he's now a quadriplegic. He hasn't seen his young daughter since the day she witnessed the shooting. The next step for Manny is a center specifically designed for his needs, but the Caesar family has hit a barrier.

"The options include rehabilitation facilities that we're currently contacting and looking into the best options but it's really expensive,” family member Domonique Lewis said.

The family has set up a GoFundMe, hoping to provide Manny with the best the state has to offer. Despite one set back after another, they remain strong.

"Never lose faith,” Lewis said. “There's always hope if there's faith."

They have their beliefs, they have each other and they still have Manny.

"If we get down he doesn't let anybody,” Allen said. “He's like I'm going to make it, I'm going be fine, I'm going to make it out of here."

For those interested in donating to Manny and his family, click here.