NEW ORLEANS – What’s better than a six-piece from Popeyes?

Getting it in a Popeyes with the Big 6 Brass Band, of course.

Band members said things seemed slow, so they did what they knew best to lift everyone's spirits.

“We decided to bring them some cheer and entertainment, besides, who doesn’t love a New Orleans party?” said trumpet player Eric Gordon Jr., with the Big 6 Brass Band.

Gordon says the band just finished up a performance next door on Chef Menteur Highway when the impromptu get down happened.

Bass drummer Thaddeus Ramsey can be heard singing an improvised tune about the famous fried chicken.

“Big 6 Brass Band members have been around for a while but Big 6 has only been together just over a year,” Gordon said. “We always bring cheer and pure energy every time we play, whether it’s 1 person or 1,000 people.”