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What is a Diverging Diamond Interchange?

This $125 million project is meant to make it easier to get to the airport by adding flyover ramps to and from New Orleans.

NEW ORLEANS — If you've driven out by Armstrong International Airport recently you know the new i-10 exit at Loyola is still under construction because it's delayed. 

That $125 million project is meant to make it easier to get to the airport by adding two flyover ramps heading to and from New Orleans.  

But it's also giving us Louisiana's first ever Diverging Diamond Interchange

What is that? 

Well, in a DDI you actually temporarily drive on the opposite side of the road. 

It means fewer stoplights, fewer points where you're turning into oncoming traffic, and supposedly smoother traffic. 

Here's how it works – the two directions of traffic will stop at a stoplight and actually cross onto the other side of the road. 

Before crossing back after another stoplight on the other side of I-10. 

That means if you're making a right – you'd just make it as normal before crossing over.  

And if you're making a left – you're already in the lane you need to be in – and won't have to cross through oncoming traffic or wait for a light. 

These types of intersections are new to us here in Louisiana – but have been used in other parts of the world for more than 50 years and there are more than 100 of them across the country. 

The DDI in Kenner should be operational next summer – after the two flyovers for the airport are finished.

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