Tis' the season for giving and we know there are many kids who may not get anything for Christmas this year.

"We of course like these bears to be in brand new condition if possible but we'll make sure that they get to a good home, no matter what," Archie Casbarian with Arnaud's Restaurant in the French Quarter said.

Casbarian thinks something as little as a teddy bear can have a really dramatic impact in a child's life.

"Who doesn't remember a warm cuddly teddy bear?" he said.

That's why Casbarian says the restaurant launched the campaign to collect stuffed animals five years ago. The animals go to the Raintree Children and Family Services, and for New Orleans Police to pass out during times of crisis.

"Unfortunately, New Orleans has the levels of violence that we do and there's going to be families and children involved," Casbarian added.

And surprisingly for those of us who'd donate other items, there isn't an app to show where else to go for donations, so Eyewitness News checked out other places to drop off a toy.

The Salvation Army is one of the biggest charities collecting donations and toys. They've set up at Lakeside Mall, and also there is the Marine's Toys for Tots collection bins.

But outside of bigger non-profits, there are several shelters and crisis services that help children, such as the Metropolitan Center in Jefferson where they have wish lists from families transition to a better home.

Before you drop off a toy, you may want to consider a couple of things to maximize your donation. Eyewitness News talked to Gunnery Sergeant Brian Mays with Toys for Tots for better guidelines on what to buy.

"Unwrapped and in new condition," he said.

While many of us might donate gently used toys, May says those toys would better benefit thrift stores.

May also encourages diversifying what to pick up. Toys for Tots serves teens up to age 13, so consider buying something like portable speakers or sports equipment.

How much to spend? That's up to the shopper but organizers want to be fair when passing out items close in range.

At the end of the day, it's the thought that counts, because a single toy, can help to make the season that much brighter.

Below are a list of places to drop off brand new toys:

Toys for Tots -

All Boost Mobile Stores on the North and South Shore are donation locations. Five Below Stores in Elmwood, Slidell and Covington are donation locations. Disney Store Lakeside Mall.

Salvation Army -

4526 S Claiborne Ave, New Orleans

(504) 899-4569

Raintree Children and Family Services -

1233 Eighth Street,

New Orleans, LA 70115

Phone: 504-899-9045

Metropolitan Center for Women and Children in Jefferson Parish- (requests items from wishlist from families in need)