KENNER, La. — Federal agents at Armstrong International airport who aren't being paid got a sweet surprise today.

People brought king cakes and drinks for TSA, FAA and OBP agents to enjoy on Tuesday, day 32 of the partial government shutdown.

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Dozens of employees were able to take a break and grab a treat.

James Lambert, the event organizer, said he wanted to do something nice for the employees and thank them for the work they're doing.

"The goal hopefully is that somebody in Washington can get the stalemate over, we can get these workers paid," Lambert said.

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"Hopefully after a devastating loss on Sunday we can still come together as a community, show our appreciation and show these guys that you guys are loved, that you guys take care of us, and if there's anything we can do we'll continue to be here for you," he said. 

The agents at the airport are some of the 480,000 essential federal workers who have been working without pay to keep things running.  

Eyewitness News reporters weren't allowed to speak with the agents, but the organizer said they expressed their gratitude for the treats to him.