Igloo has recalled eight models of their coolers after a Florida boy was trapped inside. 

Maria and Robert Wanes spoke to WSVN after their son, Nicholas was locked inside an igloo cooler. 

Surveillance footage showed Nicholas climbing into the cooler to hide. The top then fell down, locking him in. 

“We heard this muffled scream,” Maria told WSVN. “We came running out, and you can tell where the scream was coming from. Finally, Rob turned and looked to the cooler, opened it up and he was in there.” 

Igloo Coolers has since issued a voluntary recall of several models of their coolers, due to a stainless-steel latch that could "inadvertently close where a person could potentially become locked inside."

The following models are being recalled: 

  • Igloo® Marine Elite 72 quart; Item #00049375
  • Igloo® Marine Elite 54 quart; Item #00049374
  • Igloo® Marine Elite 94 quart; Item #00049574
  • Igloo® Marine Elite 110 quart; Item #00034108

Igloo said it was working to send consumers a latch replacement kit to fix the switch out the current latch. Consumers with one of the above coolers can call Igloo at 1(888)-257-0934 to see if their kit has been mailed.