Former President Barack Obama attended the highly anticipated Battle of Tobacco Road Wednesday night, and his jacket caught some eyes.

Multiple people observed he was wearing a black bomber jacket with the number 44 on it.

Of course, Obama was the 44th president of the United States.

This set off somewhat of a Twitter firestorm, with people asking for the links to purchase "merch" and commenting on the president's look - mainly through the use of gifs.

People attending the game seemed to be excited to see him, standing and cheering as he made an entrance.

Obama has been known to be partial to UNC, regularly picking the team to go far in March Madness. 

Last year, he picked UNC to make it to the Final Four.

No. 8 North Carolina defeated No. 1 Duke 88-72 at the game on Wednesday night.

At one point, Duke's leading scorer, freshman standout Zion Williamson, went down after an odd incident with his shoe. He grabbed his knee in pain after slipping as his left shoe fell apart. The sole appeared to rip loose, as his foot came through the gap.

Naturally, someone noticed the former president's reaction to that as well. 

Spike Lee and Hall of Fame outfielder Ken Griffey Jr. also attended the game.