The steward of a 'Little Free Library' in New Orleans discovered a note in their book box that revealed much more than thanks. 

The note was written by a neighbor who learned to read a few years before. That neighbor is 46-years-old. 

Earlier this month, the national organization Little Free Library shared a photo of the note to their Facebook page. The neighbor said they recently moved to New Orleans from Maine and taught themself to read about four years ago. Because the library is too far for the neighbor to travel, the neighbor said the little library provides them with material to read. 

Here's what the full note said: 

"Thank You who ever you are for have-ing the book box. I'm 46 I learned to read 4 yrs ago & the libary how ever its spelled is to far. I just moved from Maine so I dont know alot of places. So Again Thank You! From a Neiphor spelled wrong sorry.

A 'Little Free Library' is a small structure that holds a few books people available for anyone to take a read. The idea is that if you borrow a book, you leave one in return.