NEW ORLEANS -- The Jewish Community Center Uptown was evacuated Thursday morning after receiving a bomb threat, according to the New Orleans Police Department.

The building was cleared as a precaution and NOPD officers were called in to investigate. The New Orleans JCC received a phone call threatening a bomb attack around 9:15 a.m., and the NOPD cleared the building shortly after and then allowed people back in to the center.

Mayor Mitch Landrieu tweeted, "The reported bomb threat at JCC deemed non-credible, is clear. FBI is investigating. Be clear, anti-semitism will not be tolerated in NOLA."

The bomb threat comes after JCCs in multiple states received bomb threats since January, but the one in St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans hadn't received one until Thursday morning.

Tuesday, the JCC in New Orleans responded to the national threats, releasing a statement to members, saying, "We continue to operate as usual, but with a heightened level of security … should we receive a threatening call, we’ll follow our security procedures and communicate with you as quickly as possible following any evacuation."

The JCC later confirmed that the threat the center received was similar to other phone threats. "Law enforcement tells us this appears to be similar to the hoax threats other JCCs have received in recent weeks. In response, we followed safety and security protocols and coordinated with local law enforcement."