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NEW ORLEANS -- There were some extra lights, cameras and action in the WWL-TV studio on Wednesday.

But these crews weren't working on a news cast. They are actually working on a scandalous new movie with Nicolas Cage called The Runner.

'It takes place in the wake of the BP oil spill. It's about a congressman from New Orleans whose career is destroyed in a sex scandal,' said the film's director, Austin Stark.

The film is the big directing debut for Stark, a long-time producer. He started writing the script back in 2011 when the spill was still on the forefront of everyone's minds.

'It's nice to see that a writer and director has taken the time to really keep the content authentic,' said Marcus Lyle Brown.

After his research Stark needed star power, casting Cage as the lead.

But another important element for him was keeping things local. That included dozens of crew members in the studio and some familiar faces you'll see in the film.

'Like Wendell Pierce and Bryan Batt and a lot of the smaller roles are a lot of local actors, and about 90 percent of our crew are also Louisiana locals as well.'

Marcus Lyle Brown grew up in Lafayette.

'My character Chris Wilcox is the Louisiana attorney general and he is running for office, U.S. Senate, and he's there interviewing and basically talking about the BP oil spill and its negative impact on the citizens,' Brown said.

An interview scene sounds simple enough, but the crew shot it over and over and over.

'You're doing different takes to get the performance right and then you're also shooting coverage,' Stark said. 'When you watch film it's not all just one shot. You're getting different angles and different sizes on the different characters and the action.'

And Stark already has high hopes that all of those takes equal a compelling movie.

'I think it will be a very powerful and very poignant film.'