NEW ORLEANS — The two at-large members of the New Orleans city council have weighed in on the controversy at Sophie B. Wright High School, asking that seniors involved in a water-prank be allowed to walk across the stage at their upcoming graduation.

A letter penned and signed by council-at-large members Jason Williams, the council president, and Helena Moreno, said that they did not condone the students' behavior but felt that the punishment was "unduly severe."

"Walking across the graduation stage is a once in a lifetime experience. For some of these students, they will be the first in their families to make this walk. Instead of denying them this monumental moment, we recommend that the students should be urged to volunteer their time to any of the countless non-profits doing positive work throughout our city," said the statement. 

About two dozen seniors at the school were suspended after being accused of participating in a water-themed prank that apparently included water guns and water balloons, but that may also have included wrapping of toilets and use of mustard and some other elements in the water spray.

The school rescinded the recent suspensions, that many of the students had already served, but there was no definitive word on whether the students would be allowed to attend their senior prom or walk across the stage at graduation.

Parents and students have been meeting with school leaders all week.