NEW ORLEANS -- Police may be close to identifying the two men who opened fire on Bourbon Street, killing one visitor and wounding 9 others.

Sunday's shooting was the topic of discussion during a community meeting at the NOPD's 8th District station in the French Quarter. Commander Nick Gernon referred to the shooting as the elephant in the room.

"Homicide has active leads," Gernon said. "They are working to build a good case to present to hopefully make some arrests in that soon."

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Police believe the two men who shot up a busy street full of Bayou Classic revelers are from Louisiana, but not from New Orleans.

In the wake of the shooting, local civic and business leaders have discussed a range of ideas, including creating a six-to-seven block safe zone on Bourbon Street during busy weekends and major events. Cross streets would be blocked off and patrons would have to walk through a metal detector before entering Bourbon Street.

NOPD Superintendent Michael Harrison told WWL radio, police are considering a model similar to what's in place on Beale Street in Memphis.

"That's a good possibility," Harrison said. "We've had those conversations as well and I would say there's a good possibility we could study that model."

For now, the NOPD is stepping up efforts to keep criminals out of the Quarter.

Commander Gernon asked State Police to conduct brake tag, seat belt and DWI checks at major points in and out of the Quarter such as Iberville and Dauphine, Conti and Dauphine and St. Louis and Dauphine.

"Once you start taking enforcement actions for those little violations, we start finding wanted people in the car, we start finding guns, dope and stuff like that," Gernon said. "People say they don't see the police, well if they drive through a seatbelt check point three times in a week they're going to remember seeing dark blue and light blue uniforms."

New Orleans police are also cracking down on aggressive begging and illegal vending in the French Quarter.
They made 15 arrests for those crimes during Bayou Classic weekend.