NEW ORLEANS — New Orleans Police know what exploded Wednesday night in Lakeview. However, is it related to the mysterious booms people have been hearing across the area?

Investigators went back to the scene Thursday, looking for any clues that may explain these mysterious booms.

Wednesday, around 5:30 p.m., people heard a loud canon-like noise and saw smoke near the pump house on Florida Avenue.

"It's loud enough to wake you up from a dead sleep so you know it's powerful," said Richard Adamcewicz.

The bang shook people out of their homes.

"You could see like a red sack, like a crawfish sack," Adamcewicz said. "That netting, a couple of big pieces, had a 30-foot spread at least just from what I was seeing."

It also triggered a reaction from people across the railroad tracks, several blocks away.

"The first night I heard a far away boom, the next night I heard a loud BOOM much much louder," Don Keller said.

A statement from New Orleans Police says: 

"NOPD and ATF are investigating an explosion reported yesterday (Feb. 6) at the intersection of Orleans Ave and Florida Ave.  Upon arrival, the officers located the remnants of a cypress grump tree.  It appears that the tree was destroyed using an explosive material.  Evidence has been collected and NOPD detectives are following up on any and all leads. If anyone has information, NOPD asking for their help to further investigation of this specific incident.  They can call NOPD Third District detectives at 504-658-6030 or call Crimestoppers anonymously at 504-822-111. At this time, we cannot confirm whether or not this incident is related to reports of "booms" having been heard by residents in the surrounding areas." 

"It's like a deep balloon popping sound," Adamcewicz said. "So it's kind of alarming. You can't put your fingers on it what kind of sound it is but something exploded over there."

If you hear a boom, you're encouraged to call and tell police. Make sure to note the time and location.