New Orleans officials claim they put city crime cameras in areas were there is violent crime, namely murders, robberies and shootings and property crimes like car break ins and burglaries.

It also helps when neighbors ask for them.

Such was the case in the Palm Air subdivision near the Orleans-Jefferson Parish line.

They complained to WWL-TV about an Airline Highway gas station near the entrance to Palm Air which has been the scene of armed robberies a murder and a shooting in May.

"I really think (crime cameras) are a good idea really because of some of the things that have been going on, especially on the corner down there," neighbor Henry Clay said.

In recent weeks a flashy new crime camera when up on that corner, near Airline and Palm.

Another went up on the other side of Palm Air at Cherry and Palmetto.

A neighbor who did not want give his name said he's happy the city listened to community.

"The neighborhood wanted it," He said. "My neighbors say they're glad to see it too, not only me. I'm pretty sure it would drop the crime rate."

Police Superintendent Michael Harrison said that's the goal.

He confirms there are 300 live camera feeds across the city, now being monitored in real-time.

"We've already been able to demonstrate crime deterrence and crime displacement in the areas where we have those cameras," Harrison said.

According to the NOPD, city cameras led to arrests in at least 4 violent crimes since June.

They include a robbery in the 700 block of Bourbon, a beating in the 400 block of Bourbon, a shooting in the 2800 block of Lasalle and a murder at Bienville and Decatur just last Thursday.

"We can see when a crime is committed or after a crime was committed when they're leaving or the person on the way to commit a crime," Harrison said.

Back in Palm Air neighbors say the new cameras give them an extra layer of protection.

"Of course, I've never been robbed or anything or a (victim of a) a break in, but really, when you read the paper and you see what's happening on TV, I feel little more safe with the cameras," Clay said.