The national Phi Delta Theta fraternity organization has suspended and removed the charter from its Louisiana Chapter at LSU, it was announced Monday.

The action came four days after freshman Maxwell Gruver, 18, died after being taken from the fraternity house to Our Lady of the Lake Hospital last Thursday.

Initial reports indicated that Gruver had a large amount of alcohol in his system along with some THC.

The national Phi Delta Theta organization said: "The determination to suspend operations at LSU was based on the preliminary findings of an investigation that uncovered enough information to conclude that some chapter members were in violation of established risk management policies, including our Alcohol Free Housing policy."

“This tragedy furthers our belief that one of the biggest problems on college campuses today is the abuse and misuse of alcohol,” said Bob Biggs, Executive Vice President and CEO of Phi Delta Theta. “In 2000, we implemented Alcohol-Free Housing to address this issue, but this incident serves as a stark reminder of why we need to continue to educate our undergraduates on the dangers of alcohol, hazing, and be constantly vigilant to ensure our risk management policies are fully implemented.”