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GI fellow at LSU Health New Orleans School of Medicine starts GoFundMe to support Ukraine

Dr. Lilia Stefaniwsky is Ukrainian-American with family and friends in Lviv and Kyiv.

NEW ORLEANS — Dr. Lilia Stefaniwsky, a Ukrainian-American GI fellow at LSU Health New Orleans School of Medicine, recently started fundraising for humanitarian aid to Ukraine. 

Dr. Stefaniwsky says Dr. Ruslan Khairnasov, a physician colleague in Kyiv, and Kolya Turyk, a close friend, affiliated with the deputy consul of Ukraine, asked her for help. 

"Friends, I urgently need your help in Ukraine! Humanitarian aid has flooded in from around the world, and now comes the herculean task of transporting these supplies to my fellow Ukrainians in need. Transporting supplies has largely been a civilian effort and is becoming increasingly difficult and dangerous," Dr. Stefaniwsky said on the GoFundMe page.

Dr. Stefaniwsky set up the GoFundMe page with hopes of purchasing a van. The van will transport humanitarian & medical supplies from western Ukraine (Lviv) to Kyiv and bring civilian evacuees from Kyiv and other parts of eastern Ukraine to western Ukraine and Poland.

So far, GoFundMe has received almost $7,000.

To donate, click here.

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