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New laws from 2018 Louisiana Legislative Session

Here's a list of all the bills that became law after the 2018 Regular Legislative Session.

BATON ROUGE -- Wednesday, Gov. John Bel Edwards announced that he signed the following bills into law from the 2018 Regular Legislative Session:

ACT 223 – SB 1 Provides relative to exemptions for farm vehicles on public highways.

ACT 224 – SB 3 Provides for benefits for survivors of hazardous duty plan members killed by an intentional act of violence.

ACT 225 – SB 17 Provides for harmonization of federal and state law regarding creditable service for military time at La. retirement systems.

ACT 226 – SB 22 Provides relative to the membership of the Poverty Point Reservoir District Board of Commissioners.

ACT 227 – SB 24 Provides relative to social work practice.

ACT 228 – SB 60 Provides relative to civil actions for domestic abuse.

ACT 229 – SB 80 Provides for the payment of expenses incurred in the disposition of paupers arranged by coroners.

ACT 230 – SB 88 Designates Louisiana Highway 352 in St. Martin Parish as the "Pat Huval Memorial Highway" and the Old Abbeville Bridge crossing, the Vermilion River on Louisiana Highway 14 East (Port Street) in Abbeville as the "Vermilion Parish Veterans Memorial Bridge".

ACT 231 – SB 104 Provides relative to marine products.

ACT 232 – SB 109 Provides relative to access to prescription monitoring information.

ACT 233 – SB 127 Prohibits credit reporting agencies from charging a fee to place, reinstate, temporarily lift, or revoke a security freeze.

ACT 234 – SB 144 Provides for the repeal of the hospital prospective reimbursement methodology.

ACT 235 – SB 171 Provides relative to consumer loans.

ACT 236 – SB 199 Creates the Advisory Council on Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

ACT 237 – SB 211 Provides relative to parental drug testing before allowing a foster child to return to the home.

ACT 238 – SB 297 Provides relative to the removal of school bus operators.

ACT 239 – SB 279 Creates the Calcasieu-Cameron Navigation District and provides for its powers, duties, and functions.

ACT 240 – SB 331 Provides for a ten-year renewable period for issuance cost of hang tags for persons with mobility impairments.

ACT 241 – SB 378 Requires public school governing authorities to share certain student data with the Board of Regents.

ACT 242 – SB 385 Corrects statutory references remaining from the transfer of the state land office to the division of administration.

ACT 243 – SB 416 Provides relative to the registration of investment adviser representatives.

ACT 244 – SB 432 Requires the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority Board to develop a coastal master plan, at a minimum every six years.

ACT 245 – SB 456 Amends the definition of operations in the Louisiana Oil Well Lien Act.

ACT 246 – SB 472 Provides for a special prestige license plate for "Autism" and one for the Louisiana Motor Transport Association.

ACT 247 – SB 479 Provides for blue lights on licensed ambulances.

ACT 248 – SB 481 Provides for authorization to move human remains.

ACT 249 – SB 515 Designates a portion of LA 377 as the "Sgt. S. E. Howell, Jr. Memorial Highway".

ACT 250 – SB 529 Provides for direct payment of state and local sales tax due on purchases by certain nonprofit subsidiaries.

ACT 251 – SB 548 Creates a pretrial diversion program for veterans diagnosed with posttraumatic stress disorder.

ACT 252 – SB 137 Designates the seventeenth day of May as Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma Awareness Day.

ACT 253 – SB 482 Provides relative to licensed mechanical contractors.

ACT 254 – HB 6 Provides relative to pretrial and scheduling conferences.

ACT 255 – HB 17 Provides for the repayment of refunded contributions by a member of the Registrars of Voters Employees' Retirement System.

ACT 256 – HB 52 Creates the "Capitol High School" special prestige license plate.

ACT 257 – HB 54 Provides relative to recall elections.

ACT 258 – HB 60 Designates a portion of Louisiana Highway 175 as the "SSG Richard Lee Vazquez Memorial Highway."

ACT 259 – HB 62 Provides relative to a defendant's motion for a speedy trial and the period of time within which trial is required to commence.

ACT 260 – HB 70 Provides relative to the classified fire service in the city of Shreveport.

ACT 261 – HB 73 Provides relative to payment of processing fee for certain garnishment proceedings.

ACT 262 – HB 74 Requires schools to provide information relative to influenza and immunization against the influenza virus.

ACT 263 – HB 79 Creates the crime of abuse of persons with infirmities through electronic means and provides for criminal penalties and exceptions.

ACT 264 – HB 100 Provides with respect to attorney fees and costs in domestic abuse cases.

ACT 265 – HB 125 Provides relative to divorce and spousal support.

ACT 266 – HB 133 Authorizes the governing authority of the city of Gonzales to levy a hotel occupancy tax.

ACT 267 – HB 140 Provides for the use of supervision fees paid by offenders placed on probation or parole.

ACT 268 – HB 213 Provides relative to the transfer of surplus monies in the Fourth JDC.

ACT 269 – HB 408 Provides relative to reimbursement rates set by local governing authorities for emergency medical services.

ACT 270 – HB 524 Requires policies prohibiting sexual harassment and annual training on preventing sexual harassment.

ACT 271 – HB 735 Establishes a workforce training pilot initiative to serve public assistance recipients in certain regions.

ACT 272 – HB 783 Provides for the maximum amount of fees assessed on emergency ground ambulance service providers.

ACT 273 – HB 394 Establishes the Post-Conviction Veterans Mentor Program.

ACT 274 – HB 740 Provides relative to the availability of auditor reports prepared or accepted by the legislative auditor.

ACT 275 – HB 744 Provides for authority of courts in times of an emergency or disaster.

ACT 276 – HB 747 Provides relative to the waiting period before performing a marriage ceremony.

ACT 277 – HB 750 Provides relative to educational qualifications of applicants to the La. Board of Chiropractic Examiners.

ACT 278 – HB 752 Provides relative to motor vehicle reports required to obtain an insurance premium quote.

ACT 279 – HB 757 Provides relative to payment of group insurance premiums for retirees from the Jefferson Davis Parish Sheriff's Office.

ACT 280 – HB 764 Provides relative to the issuance of an ex-offender provisional license.

ACT 281 – HB 775 Provides relative to the reimbursement of healthcare providers.

ACT 282 – HB 776 Prohibits the possession of firearms in certain cases involving stalking.

ACT 283 – HB 777 Provides for the "Seymore D'Fair Foundation One Hundred Percent Me Drug Free" specialty license plate.

ACT 284 – HB 780 Provides for an independent review process in Medicaid managed care program for dental services claims.

ACT 285 – HB 794 Provides relative to excess immovable property not purchased at public or private sale.

ACT 286 – HB 797 Relative to compensatory mitigation requirements.

ACT 287 – HB 798 Creates the "Covington High School" specialty license plate.

ACT 288 – HB 824 Provides relative to facility disclosure requirements.

ACT 289 – HB 832 Provides relative to requirements for escort vehicles.

ACT 290 – HB 875 Provides relative to health insurance network provider directories.

ACT 291 – HB 890 Provides for an extension of time for which to appeal the denial of a hardship license or a suspension, cancellation, or revocation of a driver's license.

ACT 292 – HB 894 Provides requirements for community water systems with respect to customer complaints.

ACT 293 – HB 896 Provides relative to battery of a dating partner, domestic abuse, and uniform abuse prevention orders.

ACT 294 – HB 156 Provides relative to the task force on coordination of Medicaid fraud detection and prevention initiatives.

ACT 295 – HB 177 Extends the termination date of certain provisions authorizing a public entity to rehabilitate a levee not maintained with federal funds without public bids.

ACT 296 – HB 182 Provides relative to the Indian Child Welfare Act.

ACT 297 – HB 193 Provides relative to funding for university laboratory schools.

ACT 298 – HB 205 Authorizes the governing authority of the city of Kenner to name the Kenner police complex in honor of a living person.

ACT 299 – HB 206 Permits the employment of a convicted felon in the business of insurance in certain circumstances.

ACT 300 – HB 225 Requires instruction in public high schools on prevention of shaken baby syndrome.

ACT 301 – HB 230 Provides relative to investments by political subdivisions.

ACT 302 – HB 234 Provides relative to deposited funds payable to a surviving spouse.

ACT 303 – HB 242 Provides relative to theft of goods from a merchant.

ACT 304 – HB 263 Provides relative to the placement of voting machines during early voting and on election day.

ACT 305 – HB 268 Provides relative to protected persons who are allowed to record statements in criminal proceedings.

ACT 306 – HB 272 Provides with respect to group purchasing of materials, equipment, and supplies.

ACT 307 – HB 294 Changes references to "at-risk" students to students who are "economically disadvantaged" throughout Title 17 of the Louisiana Revised Statutes.

ACT 308 – HB 305 Provides relative to the Louisiana Economic Development Corporation.

ACT 309 – HB 307 Provides for the rights of certain crime victims.

ACT 310 – HB 308 Provides relative to vehicle platooning.

ACT 311 – HB 311 Creates the Delachaise Security and Improvement District in Orleans Parish.

ACT 312 – HB 319 Creates annual permits for ready-mix concrete trucks.

ACT 313 – HB 348 Requires DPS&C to report the number of inmates who are veterans.

ACT 314 – HB 406 Provides for an update to terms and technical corrections.

ACT 315 – HB 424 Provides relative to the qualifications of persons applying for an explosives license.

ACT 316 – HB 433 Provides for reporting of groundwater resources.

ACT 317 – SB 241 Provides relative to pharmacist communication with patients.

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