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New Louisiana 'I voted' sticker unveiled

The popular stickers given out to voters who vote early or on Election Day in the fall are back - this time from a Lafayette artist.
Credit: Louisiana Secretary of State
“I Voted” stickers were provided for the first time in the history of the Secretary of State’s Office for the 2016 Presidential Election as a special election turnout initiative. Secretary Ardoin has plans to work with Louisiana artists for future elections.

BATON ROUGE, La. — The popular 'I Voted' stickers that are given out to people who vote in this fall's Gubernatorial Primary Election in October or the General Election in November have been unveiled.

Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin showed off the 2019 sticker from Lafayette artist Tony Bernard. 

This year's sticker has a pelican on a State of Louisiana seal. The pelican is wearing a crown with an image of the state on it. The pelican also sports an earring. 

The 'I Voted' stickers were first given out in 2016 for the Presidential Election in a turnout initiative and proved to be very popular. 

Previous versions included the Blue Dog from George Rodrigue.

Ardoin says he has plans to continue working with Louisiana artists for future elections. 

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“We’re thrilled with this year’s sticker, and even more excited to see pictures of voters across social media platforms on Election Day,” Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin said. “Voting is an integral part of democracy, and the stickers will be a visual representation of a vote cast.”

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